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Grain Anthology book launch

I wrote an article about the Red Rover program last April that will be in EMMEDIA’s 2010/2011 anthology for Grain. It was an exchange between three of the prairie media institutions. I think the actual book launch will be on Art’s Birthday! The book is just beautiful and such nice quality printing.

Cover of the Grain Anthology

Cover of the Grain Anthology

These are some very crappy screen shoots from the low-quality screener I got in order to review the works. Please don’t take these as indicative of the quality of the works presented, nor the skill of the artists.

Still from Bike Ballet

Bike Ballet by Paul Atkins, video, 2:56 min.

Still from Coffee

Coffee by Noel Begin, video, 3:54 min

Still of Sign Off by Brett Bell

Sign Off by Brett Bell, film, 2:16 min.

Still from Untitled (For June)

Untitled (For June) by Josh Fraser, video, 7:14 min.

When did this happen? The week of January 14, 2012.

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