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The experience of things

“This happens a lot when you talk a lot about this language of how you make objects. It’s not so much that the object is what’s important as the experience of the object. The meaning is applied by the audience… We have a really bad time as new media people trying to say things that aren’t objects are objects. Maybe we would get further if we were talking about the experience of things.”




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The Earth Room philosophy


More about The Earth Room.

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The Silent Treatment in Lethbridge

The CASA gallery in Lethbridge will be projecting two of my one minute pieces, Spin and Flags.

Spin video screenshotFlags video screenshot


The Silent Treatment: A Festival of Shorts

This festival of silent shorts asked artists to respond to Casa’s large outdoor monitor, a highly visual but silent exhibition venue. 16 media artists explored different approaches to video work, from the narrative to the abstract. Films will run on the outdoor screen on the south wall of Casa.

Saturday September 6, 2014 7-9 pm
Casa Digital Gallery (Outside of building)

Featuring works by: Kyle Armstrong, Dana Cooley, Jarrett Duncan, Wayne Dwornik, Leanne Elias, Blake Evernden, Rick Gillis, David Hoffos, Len Komanac, Tess Mitchell, John Osborne, Will Osler, Evan Peacock, Lia Rogers, Catherine Ross, Gerald Saul

When will this happen? Sept 6, 2014. Lethbridge.

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GMFF Art in Transit in Edmonton









Monday, September 15

2:30-4:30 PM

Edmonton LRT Churchill Station Pedway





Sunday, September 21

2:00-4:00 PM

Edmonton Public Library

Stanley Milner Theatre


7 Sir Winston Churchill Square

What is GMFF?

“Gotta minute on the LRT?

Wait for it! Watch for it! For one week this fall, One Minute Silent Short Films will light up platform screens throughout the Edmonton Transit LRT system, bringing Media Art to Edmontonians ‘on the go’.

Miss a show in transit? You can watch the full program online or in the Gotta Minute Screening Room at the Stanley Milner – Edmonton Public Library.

A celebration of Public Art, on Public Transit, in Public Space, proudly brought to you by PATTISON Onestop and FAVA!”

Read more here:

The Jump

The jump will be part of of GMFF this year!

When will this happen? Sept 15-21, 2014. Edmonton.


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Touchpoints contribution


FringeArts24 Video Still


This is the result of a contribution and collaboration with Luba Diduch. The result is a remix created by Lia Rogers, Kristine Thoreson, Brendan Pittman and visitors

at the Bath Fringe Arts Festival 2014.

Full video.

Luba writes about the project:

Touchpoints is a project that explores notions of interactivity, collaboration and levels of engagement in audiences. It also considers the ways in which people use technologies to create, exchange and remix content through the use of mobile devices and computer networks.

At the Fringe Arts Bath Festival my role was as curator/facilitator and co-creator, rather than individual artist. When participants and visitors “touched” the interface and networks built around the project, “touchpoints” were created and used as entry points into the work.

By the time I arrived at Fringe Arts Bath Festival with a bank of contributed works (many of which were urban and natural landscapes), the project’s theme had evolved. Touchpoints emerged as a project not only about notions of interactivity and co-creation, but also about vanishing landscapes and the earth’s changing weather patterns. In order to explore this idea, visitors at the festival chose images and sounds from a clip bank and used a mixer, laptop, and projector to create remixes of the earth’s environment. The exhibition site at the festival became a meeting place for discussion and sharing of anecdotes regarding the ways in which participants felt touched or affected by changes in the earth’s weather patterns. The touchpoints were created by the following individuals:

1) 26 contributing artists and musicians;

2) anonymous participants who sent original photographic and sonic contributions through QR codes that were posted in public spaces;

3) visitors who were passing through the Fringe Arts Bath Festival. These visitors were asked to add another level of participation to this project through the use of a configured interface (mixing board, laptop and projector) that was provided in the exhibition space. Contributed photographs, sounds and effects were available in clip banks for visitors’ experimentation.”

Fringe Arts Bath (FaB), Bath UK – Bath’s Annual Fringe Visual Arts Festival – Touchpoints II

When did this happen? May 23 – June 8 2014.

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Glitch art is not an accident.

“In Temkin’s definition, glitch art isn’t really glitch art but algorithmic art, the collaboration of human irrationality and curiosity with the logical but unpredictable results of technological systems, and the exploratory manipulation and curation of those results as artistic expression.”Ceci n'est pas un glitch.


NEW MEDIA LIGHTNING TALKS HIGHLIGHT: DANIEL TEMKIN ON “ALGORITHMIC ART” posted by Sid Branca on Feb 15, 2014. Image from her article.


When did this happen? Feb 28, 2014.

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Video art before YouTube

A mini-documentary, basically a chat with Tom Sherman about early video art.

Plucked from a Gizmodo article by Michael Hession published February 5, 2014.

When did this happen? February 15, 2014.

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Pumpjack at GAMA

The Gallery of Alberta Media Arts at the Epcor Centre is showing Pumpjack at the EPCOR CENTRE video monitors
January 30 – April 28, 2014

GAMA screenshot

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Red Rover Announcement

Red Rover 2

 The Jump will be included as part of EMMEDIA’s  Red Rover offering.

When will this happen? Friday October 4, 2013.

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